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Tai Chi for Enlightenment by Michael Winn - Video preview
China Dream Trip: Do this magical Tai Chi in Taoist sacred mountains - even more powerful
  • super easy to learn & all ages, 8 to 80!
  • quickly delivers an amazing feeling of energy
  • awakens deep peace of true inner Self
  • develops a more powerful spiritual presence
  • great health benefits for heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, migraine.
  • resolve emotional and spiritual crisis.
  • 3500 scientific studies prove tai chi & qigong heal chronic illness.
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What is Tai Chi for enlightenment?
Who can benefit from it?
Does it conflict with religious belief?
Why is spiritual lineage important?
What's "Tai Chi mind" in Tao Cosmology?
Why is it speading like wild flowers?
How is martial Tao Chi different?
How is "health Tai Chi" different?
Is Enlightenment guaranteed?
Importance of Smiling in Tai Chi?
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China Dream Trip: do Tai Chi in power spots at Taoist sacred mountains

Learn the original 800 year old lineage form of Chang San Feng, the 13th century founder of Tai Chi. This 15 minute form is easy to learn, yet uniquely powerful. It's totally different from tai chi martial or soft "health" styles taught today.

Its ancient name was "wuji gong". It literally means "develops skill for entering the Supreme Mystery". It is often translated as "Primordial Qigong" or "Primordial Tai Chi". Qigong is the historical Mother of Tai Chi. It was done for health and spiritual development, and is much older than Tai Chi done for martial self-defense. Primordial Qigong/Tai Chi for Enlightenment was China's best kept secret & until now. Please read my letter below describing my discovery of this magical form from Wudang Mountain.
--- Michael Winn

"This form is incredible! I've tested and taught many kinds of meditation techniques, yoga, tai chi, etc. for 35 years. I get more energy and spiritual peace from this simple 15 minute form than anything else I ever tried! Its super easy to learn. Thank you! - Joyce G., North Carolina

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"Joyce, I just love you! You are amazing — a true Moving Body Goddess. Thank you for giving me a Way to change my struggling body into joy! - Meryl, NYC
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Invite a Magical Flowing Presence into Your Life

Welcome. How lucky you are! You've stumbled onto a magical opportunity, perhaps one of the most important in your entire life. For 35 years I have hunted down the secrets of Enlightenment from dozens of spiritual teachers. I tested many meditation systems from ancient mystery schools around the planet - China, India, Greece, Egypt, Africa, and shamans living near the North Pole. I found them all valuable. Some are better suited to busy modern Westerners. Of these, only a few deal with the problem of both the Body and the Spirit. Or have a practical, systematic way to access the energy field that connects them. I was seeking a path that works simultaneously on healing both body and soul.

My name is Michael Winn. I want to share with you the creme de la creme of my discoveries. You have the opportunity to experience the living transmission from a team of great Enlightened Tao masters. You may experience their spiritual presence by simply doing an elegant Tai Chi for Enlightenment form for 15 minutes. The team of Tao masters I am referring to is led by the Grandmaster of all Tai Chi masters, the Taoist sage Chang San Feng.

About 800 years ago Chang San Feng was the founder of the original Tai Chi Chuan 13-movement form for self-defense. It was a gentle form focused on the yielding principles of the Tao, so monks could defend themselves from bandits without falling into aggressive killing techniques that would spoil their spiritual path.

But few are aware that Grandmaster Chang San Feng created a second short form that applied tai chi for enlightenment rather than self-defense. It also has 13 movements: 12 movements of Earth and one movement of Heaven that is done 50 times, ten times in each of the five directions. It was secretly practiced by a lineage of Taoist masters for the last 800 years.

This secret Tai Chi for Enlightenment or Primordial Qigong form was taught to me by the 81-year old Zhu Hui, a kindly Chinese master with a smile that made your heart melt. (You can see him in the video). He says the form cured his liver cancer and protected him from violent abuse during the Cultural Revolution. He learned it from a 106-year old Taoist Master Li Tong, who lived on Wudang Mountain. Zhu Hui was the national tai chi sword champion of China when he was younger, and Master Li Tong took a liking to him.

Wudang Mountain is where Chang San Feng lived in the 13th century, a mystical mountain recently made famous by the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. In his time Chang San Feng was mostly famous as a spiritual sage and adept of inner alchemy, not as a martial artist. The Emperor of China sent 30,000 men to build a temple on Wudang Mountain, just to curry favor with him. Refusing to appear at the Imperial court, Chang San Feng instead disappeared at age 95 into the wild Wudang Mountains. He then, according to written records, re-appeared regularly for hundreds of years afterward to teach people the secrets of the Tao. This reappearing act is how he got a reputation for being a "Tao immortal".

Tai Chi for Enlightenment was never taught to outsiders until a few years ago. I am one of the first teachers certified to teach it in the West. In China it was kept secret for 800 years mostly because it was considered too powerful to be released to an untrained public.

Fortunately for us, times have changed. This secret tai chi form has now escaped from China's mystical mountains and can be at your doorstep within days of your ordering this remarkable and beautiful video, filmed in powerful wild mountain and lake locations.

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Praise for Michael Winn's "Tai Chi for Enlightenment"

Just Amazing! Totally in a Class of its Own

I have practiced Chen style taiji, 24, 42 and 48 style standardized forms, two different styles of bagua zhang. I found the Tai Chi for Enlightenment form is the most completing and satisfying form I have ever encountered and totally in a class of its own. I look forward to, and love to practice it!

Physically it is also a great form for free hip movement, that is the basis of initiating full body movement in most internal styles. I like your analysis of martial styles that are lacking spiritual basis. My Fu style bagua I like for its animal twisting, coiling and stretching movements, but the guy who created it, Fu Zhen Song was apparently quite a vicious dude.

For meditation, it is just amazing, and has brought me intuitive guidance in areas I would have never imagined. It creates a deep sense of balance and harmony within my body and even my environment that I feel throughout the day.

C. Dewreede, Vancouver BC


Pearl of Great Price: The Deepest Practice I've Found

After 25 years of intense study and practice using vedic formulas, Hindu pujas, Gurdjeiff methods of cosmology, kriya yogic pranayamas, advanced sanskrit mantras, I have never found any method that produces the effect in such a short time as primordial qigong/tai chi for enlightenment. For me, the effects are observable on all levels; from an obvious realignment of events in life around me (way beyond what anyone could consider to be coincidence), to dramatically enhanced physical energy and an intimate attunement with the body; to a deep opening of the energy/spiritual body.

I am most pleased with the deeper effects - several times during my 25 years of practices, I've been able to access a "field" during meditation where it is as if a huge storm arises both around me and from within. The first time it happened some 20 years ago, I was in a meditation temple at an ashram, late at night, winter subfreezing temperatures, in the north Georgia mountains. The sky was crystal clear when I entered the temple but after several hours of deep meditation I heard this storm approaching. The sound of wind and rain was gradually amplifying so I knew I didn't have much time to make it back to my room on the other side of the grounds. I quickly wrapped myself up in my wool blanket to make a mad dash back to the building I was living in at the time.

However, when I opened the door to exit the temple, lo and behold, it was the same crystal clear night! I was a bit shocked but went back inside and let the experience continue - the sounds were clear and distinguishable: the steady hum of the "OMMM" underneath the sounds of a torent of wind and water. Along with this was the profound awareness of benevolent presence that is difficult to put in to words. This has happened a dozen or so times since then and I now understand this 'the thunder of silence'. What I've discovered with the primordial tai chi is this same 'thunder of silence' is almost immediately accessed or perhaps better put, unveiled, during the practice. This is, to me, "the pearl of great price".

Note: I work as a scientist monitoring states of consciousness. I've helped pioneer the brainwave biofeedback applications used today for addictions, depression disorders, head injury rehab, ADD and ADHD, post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Chronic Fatigue/fibromyalgia and developmental disorders, to name a few. So I feel my observations about this form are not whimsical or "merely personal"

My partner and I have already shared the form with some friends and fellow seekers. All have immediately experienced the magic of this formula. We have decided to start a Sunday night practice group here in Atlanta for our interested friends.

- Martin Wuttke, Founder and Director NeuroTherapy Centers for Health

The Easiest & Most Complete Tai Chi Form Ever

I sweated for years to learn a short form of Yang family (martial) Tai Chi, but gave it up because I didn’t feel I was really getting anywhere deep. Then one day when I arrived at a Healing Tao summer retreat in New York’s Catskills, I saw some people swinging their arms and doing a form that looked so pleasantly simple and happy. I instantly knew "this is my form". It was the Tai Chi for Enlightenment form, or Primordial Chi Kung.

It is the easiest form I ever learned. I learned the form within an hour and refined it the next day. It is the most complete form I ever experienced. Over a few years time I gradually stopped doing other forms. I feel all other forms are integrated by this Primordial Tai Chi. With time it only gets better.

What I love most is that it connects me with all physical and spiritual aspects of myself. While doing the form I experience the blessing of naturally creating a wonderful new spiraling DNA energy within myself.

Forever Grateful, Fransje Kabiro, Amsterdam


I’m a HUGE Fan – having Spiritual Orgasm after Orgasm!

I’ve been living at Silent Ground Taoist Retreat in Canada for 6 years. To put it simply..... I am a HUGE, HUGE fan of the Tai Chi Enlightenment/Primordial Qigong form. When we first got your video I sat there watching the TV having orgasm after orgasm !!! Not the regular kind, the Taoist kind of in-your-body spiritual orgasm - just from watching the sequence of movements. Doing the movements was obviously even better!

Sometimes when I practice I feel a group of sages gathers round to watch and they are all smiling! At times only a few show up, and sometimes I'm completely surrounded!!! They kind of float or hover around in a circle.

It is so smooth and effortless, and things just happen so easily practicing it, its like getting a really good deal from the universe! I could never be told another thing about it and happily practice it for the rest of my life. But I'm curious about how your new audio tapes could make it even "deeper". Minke, the owner of Silent Ground, is also a big fan of the form. Thank you for sharing Tai Chi Enlightenment. I'll keep spreading it around with joy and pleasure!

David Gyurkovics, Silent Ground Tao Retreat


Wow! An Exhilarating Feeling! Quiets my Monkey Mind

I studied 24-step Tai Chi Chuan, but had difficulty practicing at home due to limited floor space. Then I learned Tai Chi for Enlightenment from your video, and can practice it anywhere in 4 square feet. After practicing for some months I observe my Monkey Mind (inner dialog) is growing quiet and I feel all tingly inside. Wow! What an exhilarating feeling!

Practicing Primordial Qigong/ Tai Chi For Enlightenment is great for starting the day, or as a getaway break during the day. Now I can practice in the kitchen, or at the local state park by the lake or on a hiking trail... Doing it, I can feel the strong earth Qi in a natural setting.

It helps me to keep my life simple. I can leave this make-believe world that we call planet earth, and go to the realm of the spirit for a while with this particular form...very relaxing.

Michael Winn does an excellent job, in the video and on the summary sheet included, of explaining the "how's" and "why's" of the form. Practicing helps me remain grounded and centered in the moment, where life truly exists, on the path to happiness.

John Travis, "All of life is but a tool in the evolution of the soul."


This Form Opens Chi Flow Better than Yang Tai Chi

I personally like the Primordial Chi Kung because it is a much gentler energy.

The feedback I get from friends and family that I have taught both your tai chi enlightenment/primordial form and the original 13 movement ynag style Tai Chi Chi Kung, is that they are able to feel the chi much quicker using the Primordial Chi Kung form. In doing primordial chi kung you can concentrate on the chi flow instead of keeping your mind busy on all the components necessary for Tai Chi Chi Kung. Even those learning the Yang Style, will begin class with the Primordial Chi Kung form. It greatly improves their tai chi.

I find people can learn the Primordial Chi Kung in four or five sessions and are experiencing movement of chi by the end of the second lesson. Those friends who are into healing or other metaphysical practices love it because it enhances the energy of their other practices. Both myself and my students find it much easier to access and move chi using the primordial chi kung.

I find the biggest problem in getting people interested is that no one seems to believe you can learn such a powerful form in only four or five sessions. One of my students at the high school is the father of a tai chi teacher. He said she told him not to bother taking my class because it was impossible to learn a form in four weeks. By the end of the class, he said he was going home to teach it to her.

- J. C., Tai Chi Teacher, Upstate New York

I Did Primordial Tai Chi 500 Times -- Speeded Up My Evolution!

Howdy Qi Junkies,

These are my thoughts after doing the Primordial Qigong / Tai Chi for Enlightenment Ceremony 500 times in the past 12 months, mostly outdoors. I directly attribute my rapid spiritual evolution to performing this ceremony with the highest intent. Ii’ll start with a poem inspired by this practice, and then share a few of my tales….

The poem:

Golden Dragons plunge to my deep inner earth,

The Sun & Moon dance the dance of infinity.

Eternal beings sing with joy of another immortal awakening,

The beauty of my true nature is revealed.

Into the Light, to return to the Source,

You are Divine, Infinite & Immortal,

Capable of boundless Love,

Shower the Universe with your radiance...


Some tamer Primordial episodes. I'm tired of telling nutty but real stories, you'll have to ask in person for the really profound stuff:

1) I was on a mountain bike ride in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Mt. Pisgah. I climbed the knife's edge trail half way up the mountain. It was the beginning of the ride but I was compelled to stop.

The mountain asked me to do primordial for it right then and there. (I spend a lot of time alone deep in these mountains, they do talk, you know). I had only done Primordial for myself as cultivation & this was the first time I was compelled to do it for a place.

Two weeks later, I was riding the same trail when I brushed by the Primordial qi field in the same spot. I was like, no way. So I stopped to check it out, stepping into the qi field and yep, the pattern was still unfolding. It spoke infinity. I could feel the pattern in that spot for 3 months!

It was the perfect spot for this, somewhat protected, next to a gentle stream & some older oaks. I realized primordial IS infinity & and our Infinite nature allows us to help the earth elements by unfolding Infinity within us and connecting it with the outer world.

2) Last winter solstice I felt compelled to do the Primordial ceremony all day. It made sense to do it in a very yin spot to match the Great Yin event. I had planned to go to the spot (sacred to me) that the Green Man first honored me with his presence (I actually have slides). This spot is the deepest yin spot I've found in the forest.

I passed up the spot once I got there (it didn't feel right) and instead drove 20 miles south and climbed up to 4500' on the top of Pilot Mountain. This is the most Yang spot I've found in the Pisgah forest. On this clear day I could see Mt. Mitchell (highest peak on east coast of USA) 60 miles away.

I had brought an offering for the mountain to honor it in exchange for holding me up & said a prayer. It was empty energetically up there. The most Yang point on the most Yin day. You can absorb some really high frequency, hard to digest Yang energies (for me) on these peaks but it was safe this day. I did Primordial 8 times over 7 hours. 4 of them were done internally with me just turning the directions.

The mountain taught me how the Mountain energy changes in the seasons. During the winter the forest energy recedes to the deep valley floors & all spring the energy rises back up to these peaks, then recedes back down from the peaks during the fall.

I did the ceremony a 9th time in Joyce & Michael's kitchen that night during a 5 hour silent Solstice meditation, still tuned to Pilot Mtn. The qi field was intense with everyone doing Kan & Li in his living room.

I was still tuned to that spot nearly a year later during Michael's Fundamentals class in downtown Asheville. I was meditating next to the windows (yes, I do listen with one ear, Michael). The only open window was to my left and a very cool breeze was drifting across my face. The sun broke thru the closed window on my right.

The collision opened a cauldron down my center core and at the same time the sun rippled across the crystalline peak of Pilot Mtn. 30 miles behind me. My entire being erupted with a burst of pure white yuan light. It was so beautiful I about fell over, then looked around to see where I was. No one had noticed, but Michael had a smirk on his face... 3) During a different 5 hour meditation at Joyce & Michael's house (the spring equinox) I decided to do the Primordial ceremony as an internal sitting mediation. I thought it would be hard to keep the directions strait just sitting in one direction (facing east, next to Michael) but all it took was for me to set the intent and invite the pattern to unfold and it did.

I did absolutely no qi manipulation during the meditation and just sat and watched the pattern unfold VERY slowly, taking almost 3 hours. I learned how to truly feel the shift of consciousness in the qi field thru my body during this mediation. It felt like someone was pouring water thru the pathways, but the water did not move, it only passed the consciousness of movement thru the pathway.

I learned that qi does not move in the field, but rather passes consciousness thru the field. In this case it was linear but can pass consciousness non-linearally, multidimensionally across great perceived distances as well...


mike teeters


I become part Sky Dancer, part Geomancer

I have spent four years working with this form. Drawing in the five elements, thru the four sacred directions and center, holding but also turning upon the centre known as the core channel.

I flow into a deeper version of myself, part sky dancer, part geomancer, moving back and forth embracing earth, embracing heaven. This mystery of what this core channel is deepens.I am astonished at the process I witness.

This practise complements and supports all of the Taoist inner alchemy Kan and Li practises. Its a kind of initiation into those mysteries.

Howard DEVON. UK


The Perfect Form to Smooth out Airplane Travel

This Taoist stuff just gets better and better, melting into the nooks and crannies of my life until it threatens to coat everything. Yikes! I took a flight into Dulles on my way back to Philly. The cheap seats. Surrounded by a concourse of coffee driven carts and mad dashes is an invisible haven: the chapel. Inside, the chairs are arranged and focus god onto the pulpit, but off to the side, in front of pictures of the Quaba (sic) and the Koran lays a rich broad carpet. Off with my shoes and backpack, onto the magic carpet and into this labyrinthine primordial form that calls the center from within. 1 day down, 99 to go. It made the rest of the trip much more bearable. I don't think I have had such a balanced effect from any of the other forms as I have with this one so far. Because it is so deeply centering, I can understand why it offers a different response each time. It is like calling into a very deep cavern and listening for the echo of my voice. It feels like a really sweet orgasm.

- Barry P, Phil.

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